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Calculate the ROI of outsourcing human capital

The best practice for companies

The HCOAudit (Human Capital Outsourcing) is a best practice for companies (or prospective acquirers of companies) to assess whether outsourcing of talent is a viable option.

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HCOAudit delivers a comprehensive audit that involves evaluating various aspects of a team's performance, capabilities and costs, then compares them with the potential benefits of outsourcing.

The audit’s genesis comes from the software development space and was historically used to assess outsourcing of software engineers. Today, the same analysis is used to also audit other functions (i.e. finance, customer service, sales, marketing etc.)

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Team Build Model Assumptions


Our Services


The standard HCOAudit is a cost analysis that includes all cost components associated with both outsourcing and as well as maintaining an in-house team


The HCOAudit - Premium combines the cost analysis features of our standard audit with a more comprehensive talent audit in order to further understand the risk / reward associated with human capital outsourcing


To help our clients execute on the results of the HCOAudit, we offer a wide range of Global Staffing / Staff Augmentation Solutions

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